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Oct 20th, 2018 @ 06:00 PM

Head of Steam (Map)
2 Neville St
Newcastle, NE1 5EN
United Kingdom

Dear Friends From Across The Sea,

Bring a friend with you! This VIP includes getting a second VIP for a friend, free. When checking in for your VIP session, bring your friend as your +1 to receive your second VIP for free.

We are irrationally excited to make our way back to you after more than 3 years.  In order to spend some quality time with our biggest fans, we have cooked up some fantastic fun for you.   
Check out all of these wonderful items that you get, just for spending a little extra to help us cover our flights and diesel fuel. We tried to make these affordable so none of our fans would be left out. We don’t get to come to the UK very often, so why no spend some extra time together?

Q & A session
This is where you ask us anything you want, about anything you want.  Prepare some questions, and don’t be nervous. We are easy going guys who love to spend time talking about our love for music and coffee.

Photo ops
Take a picture with the entire band, any way you want it.  Selfie?  Portrait Mode?  Polaroid?  You provide the camera, we provide the vibe.  Let’s capture a memory!!!

Design by Mark McMillon and Hand Printed by Chris Popadak.  You will get an exclusive poster designed and printed by the band members. We can even autograph it for you, right on the spot.

Face off against other members of the VIP as we ask you questions about everything related to the Emo Genre.  The winner will receive an Emo Music Meister Patch. Only one awarded per VIP event.  Do you have what it takes to be the MEISTER?
Don’t worry, no pressure.  This will be a lot of fun, and the questions will be carefully curated by the band.  Maybe you will get a band member on your team :)

Example Questions:
What US State is Hawthorne Heights from?
This Canadian band is named after a children’s book author?

This won’t get you backstage, but it will look cool hanging around your neck.  Lammie’s are one of the most collectible parts of a rock and roll concert, and these will only be available for our wonderful VIPs. 

We will autograph these set lists, so you can hang them on your wall.  It will help you remember exactly which songs we played, and will be limited to only VIP Members. It won’t actually say Ohio Is For Lovers 15 Times.

Sew this exclusive patch to your favorite denim jacket. Instant rock and roll vibes. This patch will be exclusive to the UK/Ireland VIP members.

*VIP meet and greet will begin one hour before doors open for the show.  Please bring your I.D. and check in at the main venue entrance at this time. All of your VIP items will be given to you at the VIP meet and greet with the band.
*This VIP UPGRADE does not include a ticket to the show, it is for the VIP session before the show.  You must purchase a show ticket separately.
*Due to the limited nature, there are no refunds on VIP upgrades.
*Final artwork on VIP items may differ slightly than shown.
*Please direct any questions about the VIP purchase to